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Thread: Radio options for Car PC

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    Radio options for Car PC

    ***Disclaimer***: Before anyone says to "go read", I have. The problem is that several of the posts pertaining to this question are dated back as far as 2004. With a quickly evolving industry, a lot of those posts/answers are outdated.

    I have an extensive knowledge of computers in general; however, am just diving into the carpc hobby. While planning my system, I decided I want to keep the radio capabilities (replacing a Kenwood touchscreen DVD/navigation unit). Most posts I have read suggest not going with a cheaper USB option and instead getting an integrated unit that also has HD radio (like the thought of that). However, most of those posts also suggest either going with the Visteon or the Directed units (which I believe are essentially the same), and using one of MitchJS' cables. All these posts make references to being able to pick up one of these units for around 50.00. Well through searching, it appears that these units have been discontinued? And are harder and harder to find. The best I have found is about 120.00. I know that the new "boom box" is in the carmp3 store. Are there still any sub 50.00 options out there? What do you guys suggest "these days"? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    There isn't any decent $50 option out there at the moment. The reason Directed's were $50 was that they were quite old tech. If you wait 4-5+ years I'm sure you will be able to find a boomzbox for that price, but it's gonna take a while .

    You could go with the HQCT, but I hear the quality on those is lacking. If you want quality, pay the price and get the boomzbox. There are cheap options (HQCT,Radioshark) but they're just that.... cheap.

    All this information is available in the posts you have read, sans the boomzbox option which is relatively new. Nothing much has changed in the past few years tbh.
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    Thanks for the reply Malcom! Like I said, I am just diving into all of this so I wasn't aware of the reasoning for the 50.00 price tag on those units. I guess in summary, it sounds like my only option for a decent quality radio option is to go with the HQCT (which doesn't sound like a "quality" option) or the new boomzbox which being relatively new, there is very little info out there our potential problems, compatibility etc. Not that I need a turnkey option, but quality, easy, and realiable are always a plus.....any additional input or suggestions would be great so that I can "pull the trigger" on this one way or another! Thanks!


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