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Thread: Visteon doesn't work, should I try the Boomzbox?

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    Visteon doesn't work, should I try the Boomzbox?

    Good Afternoon,

    I purchased a Visteon HD Radio in the spring and hooked it up to my stock HU. Everything was peachy. When I switched to the carPC I decided to run Mitch's USB audio selector so I could use my HDradio & ipod input. The ipod works fine, the [HL]HDRadio[/HL](With a rca ->3.5mm STEREO jack) [HL]only produces sound from the right side of the car[/HL], and very faint at that. I even tried new rca->3.5mm cables with no luck.

    Now that the Boomzbox has been announced with direct USB audio...should I sell the Visteon and go this route? I'm hoping this new interface will cut out any issues with audio selectors & audio cables.

    I appreciate any input you may have!

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    The boomzbox will certainly be easier to install.. you probably wont need the audio selector with it Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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