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Thread: Plug and Play CarPC??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dashboard View Post
    kapone, good reply, justchat_1, learn from his post on how to explain things...

    Kapone, I see what you are saying and we looked at it as multi-zone is more then 'one'. We use the term 'True' due to the interaction between the zones. This term most likely will always stay in the product description.

    We have been working with Centrafuse for 3 years now and the code is in place for 'many' zones through their software, this too can be found in LinuxICE and we are working with Kev, kinda on the possibilities of running LinuxICE too. If outside of the Frontend a user wanted a 3rd.. 4th.. or.. zone they only need to drop us an email. With different modules we can support these needs as well.

    As for the site, sorry about my English, we had a site contracted then 80% built and this company failed to complete, so the site you see was built in only 2 days to get something posted..

    We have no time for the web front so if someone wants to step up, we do have a budget for it...

    I feel we have beat this to death...
    dashboard: I never interpreted "TRU" to imply anything implicitly. That is a moniker that has no implicit meaning and can be interpreted 19 different ways. That's your term and you're free to use it as you like.

    As far as the "zone" terminology, I truly think that modifying your product description to say "Dual zone" would be more accurate, and you can certainly add "And multi zone coming soon...or supported (with customizations) etc etc. I think that would be more appropriate, but hey it's YOUR product, and your investment. Call it Cleopatra if you want.

    And yes, we have beaten this to death. As far as I'm concerned, topic closed.

    p.s. I'm always available at a reasonable rate for software work... Money is money.

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    Thanks Capone, I will note your ideas for our next meeting...

    As for the word TRUzone, it's only a marketing word, it works, so I think we are good there.

    As for 'money is money', what area do you 'like' to do? Follow the email on our site if you don't want to post here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dashboard View Post
    As for 'money is money', what area do you 'like' to do? Follow the email on our site if you don't want to post here...
    I do lots of things, especially when it comes to software. You mentioned site work, and I can certainly do that. If you wanna build an ecommerce front end, web store, custom front end , etc etc, I can certainly accomodate that as well. All boils down to money. btw, I have my own company as well, with 3 contract employees on the roster (that work on some of my other initiatives), so if you need a boatload of work done, I can temporarily allocate them as well.

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    I don't check in for a couple days and my thread turns into a war-zone... Sheesh. I might as well start another thread now.

    To add to the current discussion though:
    @ Kev/tripzero: Why are you defending Dashboard so much? You must really want to get a contract with them developing LinuxICE for their platform... Plus, just wanted to point out that the system that you priced out for around $2000 with ALL the features that Dashboard offers may not be such a good estimate of the mark-up, considering he said that their BASE PRICE would be around $2500...

    @Dashboard: Not saying by any means that you don't offer a good product, nor that you shouldn't get a return on your R&D, but FYI, if you come up with something popular electronic, chances are someone in china will eventually try to reproduce it... Nothing you can really do about that, even with your international lawyers on retainer... Have you ever tried to sue someone for copyright infringement in China?? Plus, I can't really think of another place-of-manufacture that would be able to match their price-point on your proprietary cables, if you do ever mass-produce them...

    This community is, as Kev said, definitely a DIY community, and it will never be much else.... but it is also a place where those who are curious about the hobby come to find info, and find out whether or not "Carputering" is for them...

    My point for starting this thread/project in the first place was to reduce the barriers-to-entry for those kinds of people.. The ones who could already easily build a desktop PC, and/or install a decent car stereo, but didn't really know all the ins-and-outs of making the two work together... The ones who just want all the BASIC features for a decent price (on par with many off-the-shelf aftermarket head units), but who also want the ability to expand in the future once they got more into it, or just had to have that one EXTRA feature that a Pioneer Avic could never offer...

    My goals were to help out those looking to get into this hobby by recommending a STANDARD set of parts with a STANDARD set of instructions to put them together and get them up and running, for a minimal cost.

    The point was not to discuss a (questionably over-priced) piece of equipment that they'd still have to figure out how to install or pay someone to do so (like any other Off-the-shelf CarPC currently available), with many extra features that they may not need... So, please, if you'd like to discuss any of Dashboard's products, do it in another thread... Thanks, bye!

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    This is a neat idea:

    For a reasonable price, that's your whole system, except for you memory, hard drive, software and LCD. It will fit inside a single DIN slot comfortably, and even after adding your LCD, you'll still have plenty of room for cabling and add-ons.

    In fact, I'm actually considering something like this as my next car PC upgrade. I always thought that by building my car PC like a desktop (e.g. mini-ITX motherboard), I'd have more upgrade options, but in all honesty, for a car PC, most people don't change the motherboard so often. At most, all I'd change is software, the RAM, the HDD, maybe the LCD, and the usual USB peripherals, and this may only happen after 2 yrs or so. The core system is usually not in need of upgrade unless it is seriously old, giving problems, or lacks up-to-date support.

    Just my $0.02 ...

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