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Thread: How many watts do I need?

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    How many watts do I need?

    Is there some kind of formula or estimation you can use to figure out how many watts you will need to run your PC?

    I need to know what each component will cost me, watt-wise..

    At a minimum I need the motherboard+cpu (with on-board audio/video/lan), hard drive, dvd player, usb mouse, usb keyboard, usb wireless lan card, 7" lcd, and external usb thumbdrive

    Will that be under 55w because the system I have has a 55w PS.

    If not, and maybe even if, I think I am going to have to get a new PS with a power regulator, like an OPU$..

    Do most add-on USB devices suck more wattage and if so, approx. how much each? 10w?

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    Telek's working on this right now. Check it out here:


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