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Thread: Connect IDE Power Supply to SATA HDD?

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    Connect IDE Power Supply to SATA HDD?

    Alright, I am building a carPC and I have the entire system setup and I have windows XP installed on the HDD already. Only problem is I don't have power to the HDD, because my test PSU is IDE. I have the SATA connection that goes from the motherboard to the HDD. Here is a pic of that:

    My Question: What is my best/cheapest option to connect the HDD to the PSU so that I can get it working in my home, before I install it in the car? And also, will a car PSU come with the power connection for my SATA HDD once I buy it?


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    Any neighborhood computer store will have one of these:

    And yes, I believe all of the car PC PSU's come with a SATA power connector, but check the details of the PSU you plan on buying to be sure.

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    wow, thanks for the quick response! I was googling for an option like that but all I came up with was full HDD connections and that is probably because I did not know it was called a Molex connection. I just ordered one from (i don't need it right away). for 1.19 and free shipping.

    thanks again,

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