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Thread: BMW stock amp Draws too much power??

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    BMW stock amp Draws too much power??

    so a little background.
    BMW 330ci

    Power supply
    m2 atx

    mother board

    Here is my issue.
    For some reason when i connect my factory remote wire to the J6 pin it drops down the voltage from 13.6v to 8.1v.

    8.1 volts is not enough to turn on the factory amp. i checked the output of the j6 remote wire and it is a constant 13.6v when connected to nothing and the car is on. But like i said as soon as i connect the j6 to the remote wire for the factory amp it drops down to 8v.

    What could be the reason for such a heavy load to drop down the output by almost half??

    any help would be great.

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    i have read that it is a common problem with the m2(i use a dsatx, and a cars switched power line.)

    according to this thread:

    you should try to power the amp from a switched line in the car..

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    The M2 has a wimpy output. Try a transistor to help it out.

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