Hi all

I am a Truck Driver (owner/Opp) over the road
I have since installed a full size computer (3gig athalon, 4 gig ram 650 BlackHDD, MSI, ATI 4670)
Running thru 2 rockford amps!!
I have a 22 inch Asus in the bunk & a 15inch touch screen on the dash
Bluetooth, Garmin PC nav & so-on!!!!

I just purchased a XMPCR from E-Bay hooked it up installed fine on Windows 7
Running the software in XP compatible mode.........
I callled XM to have it activated but only receive channel 1 & 247
so I called Tech Support and had them refresh the unit several times.........Still nothing

Does anyone know about the XMPCR if it can still be Activated?
Or did I just get a bad unit (Ebay)

Heres some Pic's of my setup

Regards V84x4