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Thread: Need hlp please new guy to forum

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    Need hlp please new guy to forum

    So here is the deal i have installed a few of the in car pcs and made them do allot of stuff.
    what i would like to know is can i have the PC with the right software operate an older HAVOC system. the vehicle i am building is a 1993 Mazda Truck and it has manual heater controls from cable driven vent movement to a multi function switch for the blower speed. is there a setup i can use as in actuated or something. any help would be awesome i am building a new dash and would like to save all my controls

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    Im guessing you mean HVAC..... you will find a nice bottom in the upper right hand corner of your screen....if you try it out you will find the 4 (maybe 5 now) other threads for people undertaking that exact project.

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