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Thread: Hardware Possibility Question

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    Hardware Possibility Question

    I have a brand new Nissan Sentra SR 2010 it has an ipod dock inside of it.. that powers the ipod and plays music through my streo anyway to get an adapter to get rid of the ipod and hook up a usb hard drive like a flash drive so i can play music off of that??

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    i doubt it honestly. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I did not think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    i doubt it honestly.
    i wanted to expand on this a little-- it is like having cd's and cassettes-- sure, they both have audio tracks, and both allow you to carry around your favorite artist, but they are 2 completely different types of media-- the cassette tape uses magnetic tape, and magnetic readers to pickup what is on the tape, and the cd uses tiny holes, and a laser see what is on the cd.

    there is no way to get a cd player to read a tape, or vice versa. it is similar to this for ipod/usb drives-- unless your car specifically has a usb port, that allows for it to read usb drives, it will not know what to do with it (like jamming a tape in a cd player), and the cost of tech to actually get a usb drive to be simulated as a ipod would probably come close to the overall cost of the entire car by the time you finished...

    so, it is much easier to get a car computer, or a 200-some-dollar aftermarket head unit that can read usb drives, and ipods...

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    yes... bite the apple bullet and buy an iSomething

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