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Thread: few Linitx + e46 Bezel mounting questions...

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    few Linitx + e46 Bezel mounting questions...

    Ok so I have my new Linitx 7” touch screen and Janus e46 bezel and I had a few question with regards to mounting it….

    I have took all the components out of the black plastic case, and have managed to mount the screen and touch screen onto the brackets supplied. Am I best off fitting some sort of padded foam around the screen to make it sit a bit more flush? There is a gap in the middle part that means the blue LED below it (for power) shines through a little bit

    I have managed to line up both the LED for power and IR with the 2 holes on the front of the case. I am very happy with this as it allows the IR remote to be used still without the need to mod any wires on the screen.

    What is the best way to fix the 3 motherboards on the back of the screen? There is a metal heatsheild plate supplied which could act as a good point, but I would need to cover it in a sheet of plastic so none of the metal connections on the motherboard have chance to touch it and cause issues.

    Any photos of installations on e46 BMWs would be appreciated! I have searched high and low for pics, and found loads of front on pics and finished pics, but none of work in progress/back of the screen



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    Sticks paw print in, as this is something I will be doing.

    Although I have a mybimmer bezel and initially I will be using one of my spare lilliputs.

    However I will say that when using a linitx monitor with my E36 bezel I used the back of the screen case (trimmed to fit as the E36 has much smaller space) to mount the boards as they would be normally, cut a piece of plastic to go between the boards and back of screen and then hot glued the back in place.

    E Top Tip : Check the monitor connects and works, then hot glue all the internal plugs in place. Reason : When I first installed the linitx monitor in the dash I started to intermittently lose the blue colour (got a yellow tint to the screen) this was because one of the connections was pulled loose when trying to put it all together.

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