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Thread: "Generic non-PNP monitor" goes in and out in device manager

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    "Generic non-PNP monitor" goes in and out in device manager

    Hi All,
    Wondering if anyone has run across this before? I have a 7" transflective liliput, just rebuilt OS with Win7 32bit. I am noticing that in device manager, a generic non-PNP monitor will show up, and then disappear and repeat over and over again (along with the USB disconnect / connect sound) fairly intermittently. I see nothing happening on the screen during these times, i.e. no visible symptoms.
    It's powered off of my 360w Opus and plugged into a hub (which has never given me issues before). I'm going to see if plugging direct to mobo makes a difference, but I would think I'd see the 'touchscreen controller' also disappear during these times (and I'm not)?

    Thoughts appreciated.


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    as long as it is reconnecting, and disconnecting fine, and it sounds like a loose connection in the usb cable somewhere.

    otherwise, if the usb portion of the ts is bad, it could be trying to tell you-- ie: a device that windows recognises will have the usual 'Ba-ding" noise, where a device that is bad, and not recognised will have a "ba-ba" noise...


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