I have gotten this http://www.chinavasion.com/product_i...your-computer/

I'm in singapore and this is my take on this:
- FM reception is good (much better than the Silabs that i used to have that could not resolve the FM interference with M3-ATX). I also relocated the antenna externally of the car and FM performs nicely with occasional interference.

- DVB-T, not good on the move. But in a signal is strong, it's still okay on the move, with some breakage.

- DAB .. really bad on the move.

- The included software (Newsoft PVR Presto) is not very touch-screen friendly. But I could not integrate this to centrafuse / RR. Seem like FM radio could not be found. Tried to use the software as external app in centrafuse. But it opens 3 windows... ???

- Cheap enough even to use only as FM radio.