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Thread: VESA Mount for MINI ITX

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    VESA Mount for MINI ITX

    Does any one know of a ITX Enclosure that has VESA mounting on both sides of the case.
    What I want to do is have a wall mount for a TV with the ITX case attached and then attach a small TV to the ITX case.

    This is not really a Car question but given the level of knowledge here on ITX applications, I thought I would ask.


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    there is this, but it is a complete computer, and i have no idea if it is designed to be used between a wall mount and monitor

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    Thank you for the reply. I found this. The picture they have there is what I am looking for but instead of using a standing mount I would be using a wall mount. This might be what I get if I can find a decent price. That is unless I find some thing better.

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    I know this thread is already old, but perhaps somebody is still looking for such a device. I found that:

    Scroll down, the models NU-057Wi and NU-058mm do have vesa mounts on both sides.

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