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Thread: Internal Wireless Antennas

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    Internal Wireless Antennas

    I'm going to pick up a mini pci-e wireless card, and many of the newer chipsets are now using 3 antennas. I don't want to have three antennas outside of my case, so I'm considering just getting three internal antennas. Anyone know how much of a difference external antennas make? My laptop has good range and easily matches the range of my other carputer that has a pair of external antennas, so I can't imagine they make that external antennas make that much of a difference.

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    An internal antenna will not be as effective, since the radio waves will have to go through a physical barrier.
    Depending on the barriers and what they are made of, it could make a big difference.
    If the barrier is a thin piece of plastic (like a laptop shell, for example), it won't be a big deal.
    If the barrier is a sturdy steel or aluminum case, it will make a big difference.
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    i guess it depends on how strong the wireless connections are that you are planning to connect to.

    my car would barely get 13mb/s with my old single ant. usb dongle in the dash, but changing over to a dual 3db gain ant. usb card mounted in the top of the windshield now gets me 54mb/s at home.(i have a convertible, so the rear window would not have worked..)

    if you plan to ever borrow wireless from any of the local businesses that offer free wifi, i would recommend trying to get the best wireless reception as possible-- otherwise, you might not be able to get a strong enough signal..

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