Hey Guys,

As you may have seen in some of my other posts, I am currently trying to figure out the hardware to use for my Carputer setup. I use this vehicle for a lot of long road trips and it would be great if I could have full computer functionality in the back seats. It seems that the Vizualogic monitors that are already built into new headrests would be the easiest solution, but is it the best choice for use with a computer? I'm sure they have great quality for DVD's and whatnot, but is the resolution high enough to use it to browse the net, edit Excel files, use XBMC, etc?

I think I would be better off with a high resolution 7" or 9" monitor and having it custom mounted into a new set of factory headrests... I only need monitor functionality, no DVD player built in, headphone jacks, etc - I already have that all sorted out.

Anyway, I just really want a nice pair of high quality monitors for use in the back of the car - any recommendations? Has anyone used the Vizualogic monitors solely through the AUX input for a computer?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated.