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Thread: Need help from some experts!!!!

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    Need help from some experts!!!!

    Awhile ago I bought a 2004 F150 and it came aftermarket modified with a pc in it. Long story short. I bought it while in Iraq. My roommate picked it up for. Owner told him how to start computer up. Roommate forgot how to work it by the time I got home. I monkeyed with it once or twice and figured I would figure it out eventually. Now its time. The installer had four toggle switches down underneath steering wheel. 1. to give power to xenarc computer under rear seat. 2. another that when I switch it off it kills power to cd player and equalizer. 3. this one is momentary and actually boots up the computer, and the fourth I have not figured it what it does (unable to reach old owner). I have always been able to get computer to boot up and sound to work as well. but I have never seen the monitor on and now I wanna fix it. I pulled apart my dash and it looks like an encased monitor was dissasembled and glued to my trim bezel with circuits boards glued to monitor. When I turn on toggle switch 1, a little red LED lights up on circuit board, so according to that it has power. Is it possible, because I didnt have the computer booted up that I had left switch 1. in on position for long long time not knowing it was powering the monitor and I fried it? I also tried switching batteries in remote because I thought maybe it was set up only to turn on that way. I hate to buy a new monitor if its fine but I do not know how to test it. The connection in back looks simililar to a vga plug but its a little different but it seems to be in snug. Forgive my incomptence I'm more of a carpenter than a gadget guy but any help is appreciated and or suggestions for a new one.

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    1. Test the computer first. Take it out of the car and try it or take a monitor that you know works and plug it into the computer to see if it is working.
    2. If that works, make sure the monitor is getting power. Use a digital multimeter to measure the power being supplied to the monitor via the power cable, which should be separate from the vga cable.
    3. Test the monitor by connecting the (now confirmed) working computer, or a spare laptop to the monitor.
    4. Find out what that last button does. It probably powers the monitor or acts to cut the signal to the computer so you can keep it from starting up if you valet park the car.
    5. Use punctuation in your posts. My eyes glazed by the time I got to the end of it.
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    Computer does work. I tested it with a home monitor.

    But ur right I have to figure out what that last toggle switch does

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    OK So I figured out the extra switch does nothing. It was tapped off an accessory wire and may have powered something at sometime but whatever it was it is gone.

    The monitor is getting power as well.

    So Im assuming my monitor is shot! Any suggestions for new ones?

    It looks like to keep the nice same clean look I need an 8 inch and I will have to remove it from its factory case and retrofit it a little bit.

    I was looking at this one 8 Lilliput Color LCD Monitor/VGA W/Touch Screen 889GL.

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