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Thread: Thinking about JetWay JNC84-LF

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    Thinking about JetWay JNC84-LF

    Looking at a CarPC with solid graphics that an ATI 4500 can provide, but also need PCI expansion to run a good sound card (e.g., HT/Omega Claro).

    This board looks good, and I can give it a CPU that the sound processing and other peripherals won't choke. A fan will be used.

    Does this board look good? Any idea how I can use my Carnetix 2140 with it? Recommendations for a CPU?


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    I don't know anything about that motherboard, but I have two Jetway JNC62K motherboards, and they have been reliable.

    I think your best bet to use a Carnetix 2140 with that motherboard is to get a PicoPSU (the 160 watt version). That'll convert the 12V from the Carnetix to a standard PC power supply. You'll still use the startup/shutdown features of the Carnetix.

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