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Thread: VGA cable shorting PC?

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    I just got a reply back from Opus tech support and he said the PSU gradually increases the current output as it starts up so the touchscreen is drawing too much current for the initial startup. So although I have lots of current when the computer is running, I don't have enough when the computer first boots up. He suggested wiring a manual on/off switch and turning on the monitor after 20-30 seconds. That kind of defeats the purpose of wanting it booted and ready to go as soon as possible but I guess if I can get it wired so that I can turn on the PC with my alarm AUX it wouldn't be such a big deal. (That's not working yet either BTW, but that's a different problem for a different day.)
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    there are timer modules that you could either build, or are available prebuilt that could also delay the monitor power-- search for diesel timer

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    Yeah, just throw together a quick 555 in a one-shot.

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