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Thread: Simple linux car mp3 player help

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    Simple linux car mp3 player help

    Im looking to update my in-car mp3 player, If anyone on here knows of what the omnifi dmp1 thats what i have now and im looking to replace part of the hardware to create a Linux powered mp3 player/ maybe gps if easy to add on. Here is a link to show what the dmp1 is Here.

    So my questions are,

    -Is there a small board that can have an embedded Linux mp3 player output to a small LCD like the dmp1.
    -I would plan on changing out all hardware from the dmp1 other than the wire harness and hard drive storage.
    -Are there any small color LCD about the size of the one in the dmp1 that are not too expensive and maybe a semi decent resolution of 200 by something.
    -Also if there is no small chip to handle this is there a way to have the 20gb hd that is apart of the dmp1 to hold a small version of Linux and have some sort of controller to have buttons and lcd attach and audio out of course.

    This may see kind of scattered but for a simple explanation i just want to use the dmp1 and "upgrade" the hardware to have small version of linux and pretty much just a in car mp3 player.

    I am planning on making this from scratch and am very interested trying a build like this, but unfortunately I just don't know what small hardware is available that can run something like this.

    Thanks for any help,

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    bump i know there must be a small board or chip that can handle this.

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    I would take a look at the sheevaplug It's small there's a few people on this forum that are using them in the car, and you could attatch a usb lcd like one from Matrix Orbital it's got some buttons even so that could work to your advantage. Hope that helps

    so plug -> Usb hub -> lcd, usb hdd, usb wifi,...
    MobileThree: in car - Zotac Atom/ION - linuxICE 2.0.2


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