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Thread: AT3N7A issues

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    AT3N7A issues

    has anyone got this board? (it's the at3n7a-i or whatver)

    first of all... i'm EXTREMELY dissatisfied with it's sound! :-/ it sounds like VIA hasn't changed ANYTHING since the year 2001.... even my philips phone has a better sound!!?

    as i bought this shiet for the extra audio outputs.... how can i set it to play 2.1??
    it seems that it only allows to set 2,4,6 and 8 channels...
    ..4 channels have four speakers - 2 at the front and 2 at the back... if i choose 6 speakers, it will bring up one middle-front speaker and a woofer, but i still can't get any sound out from my woofer.... i've got it hooked up into the black socket. if i choose 6 channels then it even shows that an input is plugged into it, but no sound comes out...
    if 2 channels are chosen, it will cross the black output and all the others out...
    any ideas?

    there's also an issue during the POST... it does somekind of usb port searching...
    there's a message saying "initializing USB controllers" and it stays like that for like 15 seconds.
    i think it only does it if there's something plugged in...

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    Can't answer the question about your sound problems.

    As far as the USB, you need to disable USB boot functionality int he BIOS.
    The long delay during POST is the system hunting for a USB bootable device.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    ok thanks
    thats maybe distinctive to this board then? imo my pc has the usb boot ability too, but goes through post normally...

    p.s. i got the sound working. did a litle rtfm and plugged the rca into orange output...
    it didnt start to work automatically though. there isnt even a straight-forward way to make it work i guess.... i just fiddled around in the useless user interface and somehow got it to work (with 6 channel mode).
    bass seems to be more quiet than the main channel too. had to turn the input level of the amplifier all the way down to 0.2V...
    fortunately my phone does not have a better sound now =)

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    weird... i didnt find any usb boot option. only the boot priority one and that i had set to the hdd...
    theres also 1 unknown device under the device manager, but Everest Ultimate doesnt show anything...

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