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Thread: Help with Adding Power Source

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    Help with Adding Power Source

    I went out and bought an additional cigarette lighter for my car to put in my trunk so i wouldnt have to run a power cord from my dash to the trunk. Now in order to draw power from a power source the directions say to splice into prexisting wires. My question is, how in God's name do i know what wires to tap off of?? I have a 1998 Honda Accord and i am waiting for my Haynes Auto Repair Manual to get in. Can I just tap power off one of the wires running to the tail lights or are there specific wires dedicated to power that arent being terminated in my car??? basically im confused.. Help!!!

    o yea, and im trying to tap 12v

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    buy yourself a multimeter.

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    Adding Power Source to trunk

    I thought I already replied to this thread.


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