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Thread: Where should I put the audio signal to?

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    Post Where should I put the audio signal to?

    Should I hook the output of my computer directly to my speakers? Or to my stereo through a tape adapter? I dont think it has an AUX port, but I'm not sure. The next model up from mine had a cd player and AUX standard, even for a 89! Thanks.


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    There are a few ways to go! I wouldn't recommend connecting it directly to the speakers, unless your head unit is shot. First look to see if it does have AUX in, that would be the best. You can also get a fm modulator off of eBay or something, not the best sounding but it is better than a tape adapter. You can also connect the output to a amp, or a CD changer. I went with a FM modulator, it is the best choice for the money. M.A.V.I.C. System
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    You might already know this, but just in case..

    Definitely don't connect your computer directly to the speakers. The signal is way too weak for that. If you don't want to go through a head unit, you'll need to get an amplifier.

    I went computer -> trunk amplifier -> speakers, so I don't need a head unit (and can put an LCD in instead).
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