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Thread: Could this be used for multi-zone?

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    Could this be used for multi-zone?

    I was thinking about multi-zone and full functionality touch-screen/gps/music and thought about this unit that uses 1 usb port on the host for each terminal but each terminal could have its own touchscreen ect but still use the 1 gps ect anyhow here is the link and welcome your thoughts on this solution SNO

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    No you would still have issues sharing the GPS without third party software...

    This is similar to displaylink and other competing technologies...its going to be very resource hungry for a task that really doesn't need a hardware solution.

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    I didnt know that they released this version. I called ncomputing and they told me that a touchscreen and even a KVMP switch should work, the problem is that it has never been tested by them in an exotic environment. So basically I would to buy one and be the giny pig. It only costs $115.00 so it wont hurt to much. This would save me money per unit, and powering them would be so simple. i can use my current rear built unit as the server for the units. i still have to do research on how this would work though with CF and what not.
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