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Thread: Solİt state relay ?

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    Solİt state relay ?

    Greetings to all the friends make first carputer project in the success.

    I research and as a result of a long struggle to do my own carputer project started and now I've come to the final stage. I ran the system installed at home. Roadrunner lite xp and have been using the program as a problem so far has not come.

    HARDWARE as I have the following systems.

    1 - Intel Atom d510 motherboard (1.6 GHz dual-core mini-ITX)
    2-2 GB Kingston Ram
    3 - WD 2.5 "320 GB HDD 7200
    4 - M2-ATX Power
    5 - AVerMedia TV 303 card (the WinTV choice - but I'd like to use turkey Hauppague hard to find)
    6th - VM-70 Touch Screen

    System in the box set at the stage of a complete system, meant to be a system at one integrated amplifier circuit, decided to add me for it in the market and very few environmental elements and used many car stereo used in the TDA7560 integrated benefit from my.

    Important point is that my site is operated under combined operation of the amplifier and to ensure the opening of the LCD screen automatically. I did research for this pretty but my head, I reviewed a variety of relays and circuit and a circuit solution bulumadım prone. However sizlerinde information do I apply as a solution M2-ATX-circuit my vital parts, one that it this system is completely isolated to last SOLİT state relays decided to use my known price expensive although ANKARA medical market while visiting CRYDOM brand DC 3.5v-32v control and DC 0V-100v 12A provides load control model birkaštanesini D1D12 found. SOLİT state relay control end as you know, with a voltage applied to the small current to control high current loads and large, not in the mechanical part of a closed-loop control circuit can be completely isolated. If you think you specify the schema below sevinirim. Come easy to everyone. Good day.
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    Watch out, while solid state relays are triggered by DC, much of the time they only switch AC as it rely's on the current becoming 0 to stop the circuit.

    The screen will probably last longer if you power it from the 12 volt rail of the PC's power supply.

    The amplifier will probably have 3 power inputs.
    -Remote/Turn On

    The positive and negative need to be wired back to the battery. The remote/turn on can just be attached to the power supply's amp turn on output that you were planning to attached the solid state relays to.
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    Crydom d1d12

    RELAY, SOLID STATE, 12A, 0-100VDC; Series:1-DC; Control Voltage TypeC; Max Load Current RMS:12A; Current, Surge:28A; Voltage, Load RMS Max:100V dc; Terminal Type:Screw; Control Current Max:28mA; Control Current Typ:1.6mA; Current, Surge Single Cycle:28A; Load Current:12A; Min Load Current:20mA; Output Type:MOSFET; Resistance, R on Max:0.13ohm; Time, t Off:1ms; Time, t On:0.1ms; Voltage, Control DC Max:32V; Voltage, Control DC Min:3.5V; Voltage, Isolation:2500V; Voltage, Load DC Max:100V
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    Unfortunately, no turkey in some parts, especially the touch screen, power supley, tv and radio card (WinTV-Hauppague) to those we are trying to do. I suppley touch screen and power came from Germany. We are very bothered about the track. We are very lucky. All we can do is track circuits.

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