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Thread: Factory NAV

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    Factory NAV

    Hi Guys,

    Who makes the best factory NAV? Is there a review of all them side by side?

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    Meaning software or hardware?

    The forums here are more into building your own unit ... however, somebody might know something.

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    Software mainly, but looking at both.

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    Infiniti, no question about it. It's the only one with 3D views, building mockups, 9" screens in late models..etc. The intersection graphics are great, rotate smoothly, etc.

    Hardware: Lots of big white clearly labeled buttons (ROUTE, MAP, ZOOM, etc.), late models ADD touchscreen info without removing the big buttons (not a row of small buttons of the screen sides), so yes, big improvement.

    I love the routing on my FX. The Toyota/Lexus is a disgrace. Very confusing, crazy routes, etc. No 3D, only when at intersection.

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