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Thread: Screen Locks When Closing

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    Screen Locks When Closing

    Hey everyone. I've been using my carputer in my car for a while now but have noticed a problem that has been getting worse and worse. It seems my car likes to do some weird things when it gets really cold.

    My screen will pop out all normal but when it goes to shut it gets stuck and requires me to push it in. If I don't it will get stuck. Its really bad on a cold start but when the car warms up enough it usually goes away. I am thinking it could be due to three problems.

    1. It is not getting enough power so my battery is crapping out
    2. It is not grounded good enough b/c it does some weird things on startup
    3. The motor in the screen is shot or the gears are worn out

    The noise I get when it gets stuck sounds like the gears are just grinding each other but the screen doesn't go down. Also my screen will automatically open when I start the car, remain on a blue screen for about 3 -4 min, then my windows XP desktop appears and it closes. Then I open the screen again and it works fine, aside from the closing.

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    Gotta throw us a bone here and give the type, model, and conditions your referring to here.

    From the description, Iīm guessing a single din motorized unit that you have to push the rest of the way in on shut-down as itīs becoming stuck. Which from the description sounds like you already state the issue, mechanical parts and cold, not sure how cold it is getting where your at, but you may wish to view the operating temperatures listed in the manual, perhaps if itīs no longer under warranty and the temperatures arenīt out of its operational range you may wish to take it apart and check for proper lubrication.

    You could test for what you mention without voiding any warranty, without much grief, and if itīs directly the cold or not fairly easily, by just quickly pulling it out on a cold day and bench testing it inside with controlled grounding/power conditions.
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    I am not 100% sure on which lilliput model it is since i purchased the screen built into an enclosure. Here are some pics to help out.

    Yeah I am gonna take everything apart and see what happens. I hope it is something as simple as a lubrication fix but I doubt it. Will have top open up the whole display I am guessing.

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    Yup took it apart and the problem is something internal in the motor or gear mechanism. A double checked the ground and the power connections and everything is fine. Does anyone know of any businesses that specialize in electronic repairs? I don't know if I want to mess anything up on this screen by opening it up.

    I guess I should mention that this problem is due to the fact that I went to close it one day and the screen jammed on a wire. I got out of the car and the screen automatically closes after about 20 sec of flipping the key. When I got back in the screen door was shut on a wire coming from my charger on the dash.

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