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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking!

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking!

    Has anyone tried fooling around with this software in terms of voice commands? I would love to be able to set up commands like "Next Song" while using iTunes or "Change Channel" while using my Slingbox. If you guys haven't explored voice commands with Dragon, what about other types of software?

    Not really so much of a question, but I'm just wondering if anyone has explored this kind of feature with a CarPuter. My friend and I are soon to be in the process of hooking ours up, and we're trying our hardest to one-up each other. =D

    I'm still a bit new, so I'm sorry if I placed this in the wrong section. I didn't see a section dedicated for General Hardware questions. =p

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    OM supports voice prompts, but tthe mjor factor to overcome is the extra noise in-car-- some mics can sound like your in the middle of a wind tunnel..

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