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Thread: laptop power off when switches to battery

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    laptop power off when switches to battery

    I have a laptop I want to use for my mp3car setup.

    I want it to hibernate when I turn off the power to the power brick. The brick will be connected to an inverter, turned on by a relay. When the inverter turns off, I want the laptop to detect its going into battery mode, and then hibernate IMMEDIATELY.
    I found out how to do it in windows, but it makes it waite a minute. I want it to happen right now.

    Any ideas?
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    Unless you want to write a custom program to send windows a hibernate command when the computer switches to battery power, then that's about as good as you are going to get.

    Is a minute that long to wait ?!!

    Anyway, you can view this as a plus, say you accidently turn it off, if you turn it back on before the minute is up, it never hibernates.
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    Actually - if I were you I would set it to wait for at least 5 or 10 minutes. You do not want your computer rebooting or hibernating every time you stop for petrol or whatever!


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    Actually -- i already wrote a program for my carputer (not built yet) that does exactly this .. email me ([email protected]) and I'll hook you up... it works great!



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