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Thread: carputers and cold weather?!

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    perhaps you can use some sort of heating pad to get things thawed out?
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    Originally posted by Peetu
    Hi mrzigzag, I live in Finland and we have at least 6 weeks of year temperature under -25C and 10 weeks under -5C so i really do know what you mean!
    -5 is ok with 10 minutes driving before booting, -10 goes unless it isn´t over a week continuously. The problem in long term frost is that car doesn´t warm up unless you first drive at least an hour and even then the humidity inside the car can be hideous. The MB and CPU survives even -35C but the memory dimms will initially blow up. Also you will wreck your hdd if starting cold under -15C (liquid bearings). So i suggest that in cold weathers (the weathers that we call cold... ) it is better if you didnt´t start the PC at all (last winter i broke 4 dimms of RAM and 3 HDD´s).

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    Its similarly cold here (Chicago, IL, USA), and I haven't blown anything up in the winter, but I did have problems with motherboards and the cold refusing to boot (as I've posted a number of times).

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    You could place one of those internal space heater (blow dryers) things into your case, they draw minimal power so you could leave them running while out of your car for short times. Also, most people have them set up to run while your car is plugged in so your computer could always be nice and tosty at -30C.

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    I´ve never been in Chigago (i would want to if had a cange) but when checking from map the latitude in my backyard is 67;27,781 (150miles north from arctic circle) when it is 41;52,nnnn in Chigago (difference is about same as Chigago - Mediterriean). So i would dare to say that the weather conditions couldn´t be exactly at the same level, but maybe my description of the weather was little cursory. (-35C is -31F) We have approx 8 months of year snow on the ground... Of course if mrzigzag lives in southern Sweden, the weather might be rather like in Chigago.

    Anyway i forgot to say at my last post that the placement of the CP is more than imortant. Last winter my CP was in the back trunk but i transferred it into passengers leg room so it stopped breaking apart but there were still few bluescreen problems. The kind of room heater that you leave on while youre not driving (works with gasoline or AC electricty) betters the situation enormously but when you cannot use it you might forget that it wasn´t on and accidentally boot your PC. After all the car is in deep frost half a year continuously.

    I think that the condensation water freezes over the RAM and when it suddenly melts, it causes electricity leading ionization and ZAP- you´re gone.


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