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Thread: Screen issue with Windows 7 - Lilliput 669GL

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    Ok, I sent my unit under warrenty, and had a new unit sent to me. The issue is exactly the same. Switch it to VGA, and the screen begins to flicker. I'm at a complete loss here because this is the 2nd unit thats doing it, and I've tested this on a few computers.

    I did try DVI mode, and the overscan issue is fixed, but the screen gets a lot of wierd looking pinkish pixels on the corners and the colors look wierd. Is this a refresh rate issue? If I switch it back to hdmi and the picture looks ok, but the overscan is present.

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    Did you get a new dongle or are you using the same one?

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    a tip to solve the HDMI resolution issue:
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    a little bit of a update from my end-- this screen appears to be way more picky about power supplies then my old 629. i needed to connect my screen to 12v regulated power from my dsatx to get it to stop flikkering.

    in my other thread i talked about changing the vga cable-- i don't believe this has any affect anymore on the screen, and it is a power issue instead..

    what finally set it off was when i had to drive out to my brother workplace, and the screen was fine the whole way there-- no issues.. i was only going to be a couple minutes, so i turned the car off, but left the carpc--with monitor, on. when i got back and started the car, the monitor started doing what it always did-- flashing on/off. and no amount of change--turning my hid's on/off, turning the car on/off, or rebooting the pc, would correct it..

    so in less then zero degree temps, i was on the side of the road, yanking my dash apart to connect it to the 12v power off my dsatx.

    i have only put about 1 hour, and one instance of powering the screen on since then, but the screen appears to be working good..

    the next step? finding my hammer in my workbench to finish off the useless lilliput 'egg'... i gonna crack it open like a dang easter egg!!

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    While in hdmi mode and using hdmi cable hold menu button for few seconds, it should switch from normal to PC mode. Oversized screen should be ok now.

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