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Thread: USB devices don't always work

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    Guys, I am having a bit of a similar problem with USB devices, with a Terratec T1 TV tuner in particular.

    My system is a HP t5720 thin client. I am running XP Pro on a SSD drive. I am NOT putting the computer into hibernate, as I am using the EWF (XPe enhanced write filter). I just turn it off, brutally.

    So, first once the computer's booted was and working, I committed the current system state into the SSD. Now, it should be ok to cut the power to the PC at any time, and next time it will reboot to the same state as committed to disk. This works nicely.

    But there is this funny thing: if I do shutdown the computer properly and boot up the next time, everything's working ok. BUT if I just cut the power, next time the computer boots without any shown errors (this is of course EWF doing its job right) but one of my USB devices (namely: TV tuner, which is the only "critical one") is not recognized! In fact it is "totally dead", no unrecognized devices in device manager either. Unplugging and replugging the tv tuner does the job, but I cannot do this every time...

    Now, the interesting thing is, that because of EWF, there cannot be any changes taking place on the Windows boot volume. And by cutting the power I mean REALLY cutting the power from the computer and all USB devices (everything is totally powered off). So this is not the same as waking up from hibernation.

    What could be the problem? Could it have to do with USB device enumeration done by the HP at the time of computer boot? Any ideas? I am thinking of trying to get HORM working - I might be able to resume to a state where the USB tuner is working right.

    Thanks, Jouko

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    How can a TV tuner in a car be 'the only 'critical one'?

    Now, looks like my issue is solved. First, got the HORM working - it greatly speeds up the booting process. It did not solve the TV tuner issue, but I then realized that the TV tuner comes back alive as long as the PC is shut off for more than 15 seconds or so... Something's keeping a power charge in there and if I power on the PC before everything´s really blacked out, the tuner dies.


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