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Thread: Mini-ITX Mainboard Suggestions (with dual onboard VGA)

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    Mini-ITX Mainboard Suggestions (with dual onboard VGA)

    I'm preparing to start my second carpc project and am looking for an Intel Core board with dual onboard VGA. Many of the mini-ITX boards I'm finding have VGA and DVI-D...I can' work with that. I have two VGA screens.

    The only one I've found thus far that is promising is the Jetway NF93R (, while the specs say it has a DVI-D the images show a DVI-I plug (with the analog pins holes).

    Does anyone have experience with any mini-ITX boards that have dual-VGA onboard?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know of any motherboards off the top of my had but you can get adapters easy enough (an ebay search will give you heaps of them) Just when you find a board you like check to see if it is compatible with an adapter (not all are)

    hope that helps


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