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Thread: Car audio in home

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    Car audio in home

    Hi i have 2 pioneer 1400w subwoofers, 2 pioneer 4 way 400w 6x9's, 2 1200w mono block amps and 1 600w amp for the 6x9's. i just wanted to know if there was any way i could link them up to mains power

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    I had a friend who did this with an old ATX power supply and it turned out great. I can't really remember how he did it, but yes it is possible.

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    totally possible, but i doubt its worth it.
    you'll need to hack multiple PC psu to get enough power to run that kind of subs and speakers. You'll see it'll cost a lot to power those amps and its not worth it.

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    You need hundreds of Amps at 12-15V. Search the costs.

    Domestic systems aren't silly enough to use low-Ohmage speakers.
    And even domestics are power limited - eg, standard wall sockets in Aus & England are 10A & 13A @ 230V = 2300W and 2990W max.

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    been there done that... if you have the parts and power supplies laying around, it is a interesting little project when you've got nothing better to do, but the reality is that you can build a way better/cheaper setup out of true house-voltage equipment..

    why is this in the suggestions/comments area?

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