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Thread: Connect2car vs Viper?

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    Connect2car vs Viper?

    Anyone have experience with both of these? I want to remote start my Audi A6 with my Evo 4g and it looks like Viper is the only way but I think Connect2car has a SMS Text option over the GSM network.

    Or how hard would it be to put together my own? I know people have done that too and would be a much more fun experience but I'm not a very good programmer.

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    I have not tried these products but I will say that I am running a Viper alarm/RS and the DEI products are second to none. I suspect you would be very satisfied if you used their solution (assuming it's designed to do what you need it to do).
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    We've actually partnered with Connect2Car to offer one of these units to a forum member. The review should prove useful for all. Check out the contest here:

    Connect2Car Anywhere G2 Contest.
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