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Thread: multiple cameras on single screen?

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    Very cool monitor HiJackZX1. I have bought a couple things from that vendor. How is your vision with the cameras at night? Crazy lens flare or no? What cameras are you using?


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    The rear camera is wide angel so it gets all my blind spots. Thing is cars will seem farther away. Im use to it though, so it doesnt bother me. The side cameras have less angel so things look normal size. I havent really installed them though so I cant comment. On the rear camera, because it is high up, headlights do not bother it to much. In the future I hope to buy a FLIR camera to fix that. Sun does not bother the camera.
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    Obviously the camera tangent of carputing is especially high up on your list. I would guess you are pretty interested in all the happenings. Perhaps you can give me some more insight. I am thinking 2 nitemax; 1 for each side of the car (only because FLIR is too expensive for 3 cams) + 1 FLIR PathFindIR for the top of the car facing toward the back. Any thoughts on specific models, recommendations toward other ir cams, or a vote of confidence for the nitemax..
    or have you hear of anyone retrofitting OEM components from BMW for other cars...? I would guess they have it tied to some proprietary interfaces etc to make it difficult. Thoughts? ideas? Post or PM is cool...

    Anyone else? Can both devices easily have out converted for normal video with RCA jacks; especially the FLIR...



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    Simply create both cameras, and then - for example - a side-by-side view (split screen vertical) could be achieved by setting:

    Left Camera - Normalized View Port Rect:

    * X : 0
    * Y : 0
    * Width : 0.5
    * Height : 1

    Right Camera - Normalized View Port Rect:

    * X : 0.5
    * Y : 0
    * Width 0.5
    * Height 1


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    Zoneminder will do everything you want.
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    hey new here but need some help like badly me and a freind have been haveing lots of trouble with cops just the city cops around here for example my freind has been pulled over for turning down a street he normaly dosen't turn down so we both are considering putting camera in our cars to show the guage clusters road ahead and behind and also microphones to hear whats going on becuase we are tired of being pulled over for unlawful reasons. any kits that anyone heard of? would be nice to record up to a month before haveing to service it like delete the boring stuff but any help is really apericated

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    Welcome to the forum! this thread has lots of good info. My personal recommendation is spend alittle more to get a good unit. If you can find the boyo vtr 101 it's an older model but I think it's their best model with the right features. amazon has some available I believe a forum member did a evaluation writeup on this exact model in blog section. Here is the companies website Good luck SNO
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