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Thread: My Car Comp Idea

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    My Car Comp Idea

    This is what i am currently planning to use in my mp3 car setup:

    Motherboard- [have] old "blaster pc" slot 1 100 mhz bus speed mobo. This mobo is a fairly non standard mobo. It is standard ATX , but it has some good features. It has integrated sb live audio from creative (its actually a creative board). It has 4 sdram slots, agp, pci slots. what im not using from the board: integrated fm tuner, creative ir remote, volume control, midi ports, headphone ports etc. these features require me to find a place in my case for them, and to plug cables and crap into the mobo, and i dont really need that crap, so im leaving them unconnected.

    cpu- [have] 733mhz 133bus pIII, works with mobo underclocked to 550mhz, which im ok with (as long as it plays dvd/divx i dont care) underclocking should also reduce some heat.

    lan- adding a pci lan card

    video- adding a cheap $30 short agp video card with tv out.

    hard drive- dont know right now, i have an extra 40 gig hard drive, but the mobo doesnt like drives over 30 gigs. i think there is a way to get around this by tricking the mobo to think its smaller, but dont know yet.

    power- 1u power supply off ebay probably:

    cdrom- old cdrw drive. i will probably upgrade to dvd eventually.

    video- not sure yet, probably cheap 7" legacy or somthing.

    control- cheap creative remote off ebay.

    case- plexiglass

    case design- see pic
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    Sounds like a pretty decent idea. Why not use the FM tuner, remote, vol control and stuff from the mobo? Much simpler than just adding in more stuff, since you already have it. It's not all that much effort to hook it all up, and once it's hooked up you don't need to do it again.

    You really don't need a CDRW in your car, and DVDs are pretty cheap, you might want to do that instead.

    You can use your hard drive no matter what, just set the BIOS to the max that it will happily support, and install Windows XP (which doesn't even use the BIOS for hard drive parameters) and you're good to go. You don't even need to use their boot loader program, but you can if you want to.

    The PSU is fine, and not all that expensive either. Do you really need a small PSU though? You'll probably have room for a fullsize if you're planning on having expansion cards.

    What's your budget on this anyway?
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    If you're going to upgrade the CDRW drive why not upgrade to a CDRW/DVD combo. It's cheaper than ever now. That's another thing to show off. It's better to have it than not to have it even though you dont need it right now but just incase if you do need it, it's there. You should see the expression of some people when I told them that I can burn CDs with my system. There is quite a few people on this board who has a combo drive. I'm not saying go all out and get the super duper ALL in one drive like the SONY 510 that can burn everything except DVD RAM. At least get a combo drive. You'd be hanging out with your friend and they hear something they really. You can say, hey ill make you a copy right now. they'd be like man I wish my stupid Joe Blow special stereo system that I over paid can do that.
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