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Thread: Please help change output display

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    Please help change output display

    Hello, long time lurker here, hoping someone can help me with my problem. I have this intel motherboard Unitil now I have been running HDMI to my Liliput monitor, I had my dash tore apart and broke my HDMI cable and just decided to use the DVI cable that came with the monitor. I figured I should be able to plug it in and restart the computer, when this did not work I plugged an HDMI from my house in and searched for a way to change the output with no success. I'm using Win 7 and the resolution is set at 800x600. Is there something I am missing? thanks, and sorry for the long story.

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    do you have any other screens you can test the dvi output with?

    i am starting to wonder if that output might be outputting a digital signal-- i believe most lilliputs are looking for a analog dvi signal..

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    It should be a digital signal I believe. The cable I have changes dvi and the usb of course to a HDMI where it plugs into the screen. So, I don't know if I explained that correctly, but I am using the same input on the screen.

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