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Thread: Is ANYONE happy with the TPMS unit sold in the mp3Car store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne613 View Post
    all have to run in the 420mhz allocated range, is the protocol for communication not standardized for these? If so, that tends to take the wind outta my sails...cheeeeeeeeseness..
    It is not as standardized as we start with the ISM RF bands used by TPMS are typically set at 315MHz in the United States but they are 433/868 MHz in Europe. On top of it you have ASK/FSK modulation being used and the underlying data encoding could be hugely different based on the manufacturer.

    Essentially it is really difficult to have a universal TPMS receiver at a reasonable cost.

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    @Enforcer, Thanks for the information, i'll have to try a powered hub then. was your hub powered 24/7 or just when the ignition was on? I'm also looking to upgrade my board, Waiting for more of the mini/micro itx board to get the EFI bios onboard. Thanks again for the info.

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    It got powered from the ACC line, so the USB devices had power before the motherboard as the M4 had a slight delay from getting the ACC signal to actually send power to the motherboard.

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    @enforcer, Awesome thanks, I'll have to give that a try.

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