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Thread: No AM Reception after Upgrading to After Market HeadUnit

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    Question No AM Reception after Upgrading to After Market HeadUnit

    I have a 2009 Toyota Venza and recently upgraded my OEM base non-nav 6 disc head unit with a Kenwood DDX616. Since the changeover, I've noticed I have almost no AM reception. I am in a large metropolitan area with about 20 AM stations. I only pick up one and it is very static-y.

    I also added the HD Radio option for Kenwood and it picks up no AM stations either (I tried both the Head Unit antenna plug and the HDRadio Antenna plug.)

    I noticed 2 radio plugs that plugged into the back of the OEM head unit. A standard Motorola plug and a mini plug. I think this was for diversity tuning for FM. Only the Motorolla plug was plugged into the antenna in on the head unit. FM reception appears to be fine.

    Could the AM antenna be located on the mini plug? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Does your car have an amplified antenna? If so, it might be that your new head unit isn't powering it. Most of the time, it's a blue wire coming from the harness, but you should check your car's harness pinout to see if there's an antenna amplifier power cable. If your head unit doesn't support power antennas, you can short the power antenna wire to the ACC wire so the antenna will be on all the time when your car is on.

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    Thanks, I'll check into that. I believe I have a antenna power output, but I think it turns on my aftermarket amps.

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    There's your problem, you should just install a carpc, all their radio modules receive FM without issue

    On a side note, welcome to mp3car, a website dedicated to the installation of computers in cars. Perhaps you were looking for something more along the lines of a car audio forum, a kenwood radio forum, or a Toyota Venza forum? You might have better luck on these forums, as they would be more centered around what you are trying to do.
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    i found your post over on the toyota forum:

    that is really going to be a better location, as i def don't know anything about toyota radios, and rarely listen to the radio any more...

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