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Thread: Need help with AOpen MiniPC (MP915-X)

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    Need help with AOpen MiniPC (MP915-X)

    Let me first start by apologizing ahead of time, if this is not the correct place to post this...

    Any way the problem at hand...

    I recently came to be in the possesion of a box full of used MiniPC's, most of which are the Aopen variety the model number on the bottom is MP915-X, my initial thought was that these miniscule PC's would be perfect for a Carpc, however after doing a bit of research into the internals of these things i have come to realise that they use a laptop style power adapter and i will need to replace some of the components inside as i got them whith parts biggie but compatibility jumps to mind.

    These are some other issues i have thought of:

    If i need to ditch the existing mobo and components what can i use instead as i'm unclear as to the formfactor of the mobo, on initial inspection i would say that it is Mini ITX, but can anyone confirm this for me?
    Coming back to the power supply, can anyone shed some light onto the correct "intelligent" power supply to use if i can keep the original mobo, i've tried doing some snooping but the closest model nr i find is the AOpen i915GMt but not sure if this is relevant, if at the end of it all i have to build new systems from scratch and just use the cases i will do so but this will mean that my plans will have to be prolonged, in which case i will then have to search for all new components that are affordable.

    Worst case scenario i will have to put these minipc's up for sale AS IS and see if i can sell them if that is the case can someone give me some kind of indication as to the value, i wouldn't want to loose too much on them...

    Any way thanks in advnce for any help and advice given...

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    There's a good FAQ write-up on how to choose a PSU. There's a link in my signature.
    I think it will give you all the info you need.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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