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Thread: Anyone had any experience with VIC double din CarPC?

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    Anyone had any experience with VIC double din CarPC?

    I was just having a quick google can came across this

    Has anyone had any experience with VIC?
    Seeing that it runs XP could I just install Riderunner or Centrafuse on it rather than their rubbish looking UI?

    At the moment I already have a CarPC but I'm slowly persuading my girlfriend to get one

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    are those knobs or buttons on the side. That bezel doesnt look the highest quality (not that that matters much i guess). Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    prebuilt all-in-ones are a very slippery slope.

    always check for what kind of product support they have. if the unit fails 3 months from now, what would they want you to do--send it back into them?

    there is also the build quality-- some units are a little sketchy..

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