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Why not use the USB cable in post #3, and glue it to the underside of your panel? You can gently sand/cut some of the plastic from the mounting hardware so that your USB port sticks up a little bit through the hole, and you can use a plastic epoxy to glue it to the panel. After 24 hours, those babies won't be moving at all.
That is honestly a fantastic idea. I could actually cut the tabs off completely(I think I would need that much depth to sit through the panel) and there seems to still be a surface area around the plug for some glue.

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How many do you need? They look to be $10 each. I would only need one or two for charging devices, or plugging in a thumbdrive for easy file transfers.
Most likely I'd use WiFi to transfer files anyway, and the I-Pad won't charge well off of a normal power port anyway, so one port for misc. uses and one wired to a high power USB charger, and I'd be good.

The downside to doing a bunch of work to custom fit a cable plug in to a bulkhead is that if you wear it out, you've got to go though that all again.
Thanks for the reply. I've tried using wifi but I have always ended up going the route of a flash drive on my way to work, etc. Before the custom panel, I had a 4 port usb hub which had a usb wifi dongle, a micro usb cable for charging my phone, and then two ports for flashdrives, etc.

Unfortunately, my external harddrive requires more power than the usb hub can provide for large music transfers. This is where the 5th and 6th port came into play. I ordered two 6ft extensions which would plug directly into the carPC for this use.

In the end, yes...I definitely have way too many ports lol. But if I ever want to add a bluetooth dongle, etc I won't have to worry about taking apart my dash. But what I should have done was order a USB hub that is used to surface mount on a home office desk and had that plop into the panel. I guess I tried to get too fancy..