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Thread: AMD cpu and case questions

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    Then I believe you would not have any issues. I plan on running a dual zone setup in my Xtrail and this is why I thought this wouldn't quite fit my needs. With the littlies watching Blurays and me with music/gps (both most likely) it would tax most lower spec machines. Let me know how it works for you.

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    Will do. Now I'm trying to decide which case to get. Still have to measure the spot I plan on sticking it.
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    Yeah definitely let us now how it runs. I am looking to replace my laptop install and need cpu grunt to handle the active audio processing. Not sure if one of these will have the balls to do it or not.

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    ^ while they are better/faster then the atom, i don't think they are good enough for that..

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    I have a customer that just bought a couple of these boards (GA-E350N-USB3) for a project. I'm curious to see how it handles a multiscreen setup too. The reviews I've read suggest the graphics are pretty darn good (though not perfect) and the CPU is about as the same as an Atom (limited). So I think it will boil down to specific application scenarios.


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