Hi all

I recently bought an 8 gig disk on module through ebay. I had a look at quite a few of them before i bought it, and the read and write speeds looked middle of the road. the price was good so i bought it. however, im just now using it for the first time, and the computer, which was previously fast, is so slow! it crawl's through everything.

since im sure theres folks on here a lot more knowledgeable than me, i wondered, could ye have a look at these stats and tell me if i bought a dog?

Interface: 40 pin-IDE
Flash Type: MLC- NAND Flash
Capacity: 8GB
Read speed : 43MB/Sec, Write speed: 21MB/Sec

the board is a Via epia en15000g, with 1gb of ram. seeing as how this is a fresh install of xp it should be moving briskly, but its not. any advice greatly appreciated.

kind regards,
Redd .