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Thread: Best solution for multiple car cameras

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    Best solution for multiple car cameras

    Hi , Not 100% that this is the right area to post this so feel free to move if i got it wrong ,

    Im wanting to install 3 to 4 small parking cameras on my car ( Nissan 350Z ), I am planning to buy a dvd/double din with 1 Video in so need to find someway of having them all going to it an once or a splitter with a switch , I could even go as far as to have another 7" screen if needed.

    Any ideas / Advice ?

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    How about something along this line.

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    You may also want to check out our new product, which does the video splitting into a single monitor already...

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    I'd use a multiplexer. That's what I use. 4 video in, one out, and a remote/front face controls to split the screen in 4/3 or two, with any combination of cameras you choose. I bought one at Amazon for around $65.00; free shipping. I have 4 cameras around the Sequoia, you can check the last pages of my install on the signature below.

    Actually the pictures are redirected to this thread:

    A new camera setup

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    while the mp3car unit is nice, it does everything inside the monitor, meaning that you can only have the cameras display on that screen. if you don't have the space for another screen, then ripplinghurst's option is really the best.

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