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Thread: Is this a good idea to control a inverter based system?

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    The need for a diode to isolate one DC source from another is dependent on the source circuitry.

    For this application and the low cost of two 1A 400V diodes at around 80c each or less to eliminate any undesired complications is not worth the time it takes to question their use.
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    I managed to find a small SSD relay from Curiosity Tech. Basically it has 4 wires, 2 for + & - constant, two for the button that is to be pushed, and one for trigger. I figured I could use this to power on the second system, but not 100% sure how to do it. I figured the constant power can come from the OPUS 12V rail. What I want to know is what should trigger it? I was thinking of maybe having the MZ setup so that it turns on when power is applied. Then the relay only sends a signal to shut down. God, why are things so complicated, lol.
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