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Thread: Battery Voltage Meter

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    Battery Voltage Meter

    Does anyone know a good cheap Battery voltage meter i can put inside my vehicle to tell me the current Power left in my battery?

    All the one's i have found are in China... and I really dont want to wait like a month to get it...

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    Power? Nope. Voltage? Sure, go to any advance auto parts or autozone, they have voltmeter gauges you can purchase to put in your car.

    Or much better, use a fusion brain, and display the voltage on your carpc
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    i just ordered one from china, it was cheaper then anything local..

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterDVincent View Post
    ...Battery voltage meter i can put inside my vehicle to tell me the ...Power left in my battery?
    No such thing.

    But I have a Honk Kong 3-digit voltmeter in my dash which tells me the battery voltage.

    That does not indicate the power remaining in my battery unless:
    - the battery voltage is in the rested state (ie, typically 12-24 hours after a charge, else surface charge has been removed);
    - I assume its voltage (between say 11.4V & 12.6V) is proportional to its full capacity - whatever that capacity may be at that age & temperature.

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