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Thread: Screen goes black for a few seconds when I hit the high beams. What can I do?

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    Uhm, I never said I installed new lights? The lights are the same as they always were and I never had any problems with the factory navigation unit. I installed this screen quite far back and just haven't gotten around to tackling the problem. As I mostly drive in the city I don't need the high beams that often. It's not a Lilliput, it's something else that I can't remember. It's 8" 4:3:

    I'll try to power it directly from the battery and see if there's an improvment.

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    What about setting up a capacitor for your monitor maybe? That way you don't lose power in it. Just a suggestion. Your Lilliput might need more power than the original navigation.

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    "Lose power in it"??? The cap?

    But that's a few that have suggested a cap for the monitor (if not powering from the battery - ie, a bigger cap).

    It may only require a small cap - ie, it may be noise rather than a (dip or) spike causing the problem.

    Or try a series choke (as used for radio supplies etc).

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