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Thread: Cannot find single din head unit with video out hellpppp!!

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    Cannot find single din head unit with video out hellpppp!!

    Hey my carputer broke a while back and i would like to find a single din head unit with a video out connector so i can play movies to my in dash screen thats not in use at the moment (broken carputer) Ive looked and couldnt find anything as of yet. It should also have 2 pre amp outputs.


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    you must not have looked very hard.. there are a ton of units that do exactly as you need:

    just sort price from lowest to highest, and take your pick:

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    Although I'm not 100% sure this is what you are looking for as the ebay link doesn't work for me, there's a few choices for DVD players with RCA output and some even with TV tuners. Though I'd assume that those are older analog tuners.

    I do NOT know how reputable this store is, but that's the best listing of them that I could find.

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