How is my web site "gay"? What do you have against my product, my website, and lastly a minority group that has different sexual preference than we do? You're full of hate man!! Take your hate crimes elsewhere.
It's no secret that EIO sells LCD modules for $5, but have you ever tried soldering thin wires to DB25 connector? Or tried to find a 10K ohm potentiometer in your locality?
Kiwi LCDs are ready to plug and play. No soldering work or tiresome search for the parts is needed. FYI, another LCD seller whose name I don't want to mention sell 20x4 lcds for $105. We plan to sell the same prodct in a near future for half that price.
My point being--I'm not outragesously overcharging anyone.
To folks who posted information about TimeLine and All Electronics do you realize TimeLine doesn't have a website, and 20x6 LCDs All Electronics sell doesn't have EL backlight and HD44780 chipset which is ESSENTIAL to interface LCD modules with DB25 parallel port?
If you want to criticize my product let's be factual, no gay bashing comments or petty badmouthing. I'm open to suggestions and comments.